OnActive Consulting is a professional business consulting firm based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We provide IT and Management Consulting services.

• Management Consulting

• Process Improvement

• Project Management

• Implementation Support

We’ve offered our services to various segments. For all our Clients, we’ve focused on establishing and maintaining a sound strategic planning process. Our combination of strategy, quality and expertise has brought repeated success throughout.

Business Consulting Activities

• Create in-depth reports and presentations on your business’s processes.

• Provide forecasts and expectations

• Suggest solutions to business problems

• Host workshops and staff presentations within your company

• Study new and potential trends within an industry

• Discover new opportunities and markets for your businesses to expand in

• Find new financial avenues to keep your company solvent

Our Team

OnActive’s founders possess a unique combination of creativity, innovation and leadership skills, all of which contribute to OnActive’s reputation. The founding members has taken an active leadership role in the company, seeking clients, vetting consultants and developing partnership opportunities.

We have a team of experienced staff members — since its establishment in 2020, OnActive has a substantial growth. OnActive’s current team includes exceptional individuals with experience in business analysis, project management, Recruitments, Quality and training, among many other skills. Our staff members also have extensive certifications and qualifications that set us apart from the competition.